I have known Chris for 30 years. In that time I have had many opportunities to talk with him about hunting, fishing and of course my knives. He has always shown to me, not only an incredible amount of in depth knowledge on all of these subjects, but a true love for them. His enthusiasm for his hobbies is equaled by his professionalism.
  I would not hesitate to recommend Chris for anything from what caliber to use for certain game to advice on authenticity of a particular Randall knife. We have had many conversations about a variety of Randall knife-related topics. I have always found his knowledge and ideas to be correct, factual and well thought out.
  Chris is an excellent authorized dealer for Randall knives. He has been for over two and a half decades and is one of the largest dealers we have. His knowledge shows true in his knife orders, specifications and vision for what and how a Randall knife should look and work. I hope we continue our relationship for another few decades.
                                                                                                                      Gary Randall 
"Captain Chris Stanaback is an icon among Randall collectors and users. When it comes to knowledge of Randall knives and their many variations there is no person as knowledgeable about knife production for Randall knives made after 1970. His honesty in dealing with his customers is top notch.


His Randall knife orders are always so interesting to look at as he has a special feeling for  how a Randall knife will look as a finished product. You will see no ugly knives on Chris’s table.


His support of the official Randall Knife Society Forum on www.knifetalkforums is a major reason for that Forum’s success. His “Knife Build” projects on that Forum have helped many collectors see how a Randall knife is constructed and that knife’s many possible variations.


Writing this brings a smile to my face as through the years Chris and I have had our differences. We have always worked them out for the good of the Randall collector and remained friends.  Rhett Stidham: Founder of the Randall Knife Society"


Best regards,