Hi folks!

Some of ya'll know me...some are more fortunate. I don't want to go on about myself, so without going into ancient history I will tell you that, after getting out of the burglar & fire alarm industry (Installer, Serviceman, Technician and eventually a service manager for 2 large companies in Florida), I went from having the worst job (24 hour call and all of that) to the best (working at my "hobbies") overnight!

I run "Sportsman's Services" and the name says it, as in service to an individual sportsman. I ran a guide service for fishing (blue water) for a few years and got tired of trying to break a tuna's back! I went into specializing in light tackle freshwater work, mostly in South Florida, on Lake Okeechobee. Ultralight spinning tackle (usually around 4-6 pound) and fly fishing (#5 size outfits) were the "norm".

I enjoyed this for over 20 years...and still do "hobby" at it, but my passion had always been hunting...and Randall Knives! I have been taking folks hunting in Alabama for over two and half decades. I am fairly proficient with a rifle, handgun, muzzle loader and bow. I can service all collateral equipment for all of the above-mentioned "hobbies" and am even certified by Bear archery as an authorized repair facility. (although I don't practice that trade anymore)

I still spend way too much time in the woods...Thank God!! If you should have any questions or problems with any of these "hobbies", I'll be happy to try and help/advise you. Just drop me a line (That would be fishing questions...Get it? Drop me a line?) or an email. I'll see if I can fire ya' off a response right away! (Get it? Fire off a response? That would be the hunting end of the "hobbies").

Anyway: Enough about my past occupations and "hobbies"...but I really can help you with questions in those regards. About my total "passion". I was privileged to be asked by none other than Bo and Gary Randall, some 26 years ago or so, if I would be interested in becoming one of their "authorized" Randall knife dealers. I had been bothering them for a few years prior to this and I guess Bo and Gary just figured that, seeing as how I wasn't gonna go away, they might as well sign me up!! Thank God they did just that. When asked I didn't hesitate one second. My answer was a resounding "YES"!!!

A few sentences, a couple of "very" firm handshakes and I was in business. That was around 1983 or possibly '84, I can't remember. Since that time I have become the largest "authorized" Randall knife dealer in the South!! (and that's not just my weight either). It is with great pride that I help to do a small part to carry the Randall banner, and may I say..."Long may she wave" !!

We'll give you something unique over here on this site...I guarantee it!

All the best...and Stay Sharp,
Captain Chris Stanaback

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