How to Order

Ordering Randall knives is not a difficult process and the waiting time is less than half the time you will encounter when ordering directly from the Randall shop. Here are a few of the particulars:
A)    Orders are logged on a first come / first served basis
B)     A minimum deposit of $50 is required to reserve an order slot.
C)    Randall order slots are limited to 6 knives per year per person
D)    Order booking and scheduling occurs once the deposit is received
E)     Payment arrangements can be worked out
F)     Payments can be made via the following;
1)      Good checks
2)      Money orders or bank checks
3)      Paypal (through my email address)
  If you have any questions, I'm available at the following:
Captain Chris Stanaback
11100 S.W. 93 Court Rd.
Suite #10/357
Ocala, Fl. 34481

Phone# 1-407-436-1113


Thanks for your interest and your time.
                              Best, Capt. Chris