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BMK 'Captain's Special'!!
On a boat, and sheep's foot blade design is as good as it gets. In the woods, a drop point blade design is my favorite. Unlike most sheep's foot designed blades, this 'Captain's Special' has slight curvature to it's sharp edge, making for easy skinning! The slight 'humpback' allows for safe thumb placement.
Copper reduced hilt keeps you safe and allows for a pouch-style sheath as you will see. Thanks to James for the great sheath work to include a single copper throat rivet and front panel designed border!
Scagel styled spacers (more than I can count), outstanding Sambar stag, epoxied and copper riveted in place, finishes off the set! A great set for field work, camp chores and EDC! I hope you agree!
The smaller version features a 3 7/8 inch blade out of 1/8 inch blade stock. The larger one sports a 4 5/8 inch blade (same as my longer Stanaback Spl.) and is 3/16 inch blade stock!
Thanks for having a look at this incredible set! These are for sale (obviously) and I'll be happy to order a set for you as well!

Stay Sharp, Capt. Chris

* BMK custom designed set
* BMK/Captain's Specials!
* Hand forged carbon steel blades
* A unique blade design (only from BMK & The Captain)!
* 3 7/8 inch blade (smaller version) 1/8 inch blade stock
* 4 5/8 inch blade (longer version) 3/16 inch blade stock
* A modified and improved sheep's foot/drop point blade design!
* Hammer-marked!
* Scagel-inspired spacer stack
* Top shelf Sambar stag handles
* Copper hardware and rivets
* Palm swelled handle for super comfort and control!
* Custom, pouch-style sheaths by BMK!
* Ready-to-ship!
* Special orders welcome (90 day delivery)

BMK 'Captain's Special'!!
BMK 'Captain's Special'!!
BMK 'Captain's Special'!!
BMK 'Captain's Special'!!
BMK 'Captain's Special'!!
BMK 'Captain's Special'!!
BMK 'Captain's Special'!!