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Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!
Hi folks,
I am anticipating my upcoming RMK order, originally scheduled for Feb...coming out in a few days. 'ALL' of those knives are traveling with me to the upcoming Alabama Gun Collectors Show on March 19th & 20th.
I have '6' Randalls, in stock, that will be going up on my website...and this Model #4-6-'F' (A non-catalog Model) is one of them! I hope it's something you'll cherish. Although it's not loaded up with option (Rounded duralumin butt cap and a Wrist thong) it's still an impressive knife. Check out the blade grind, reminiscent of the W.W.II days!
Stay Sharp, Capt. Chris

* Randall Model #4-6-'F'
* The FIGHTER Model!
* A non-catalog offering by the Randall shop
* Special blade grind
* Hand-forged carbon steel blade
* 1 tool steel used
* 6 inch blade length
* 1/4 inch blade stock
* Full tang construction!
* Top edge is sharp!
* Brass double hilt
* Red, white & blue spacers
* Leather handle
* Special 'humpback' handle shape, exclusive to this model 'ONLY'!
* Duralumin butt cap
* Rounded butt cap (Option)
* Wrist thong (Option)
* Model A sheath in tan leather
* Lifetime warranty!!
Georgia-bound. It's SOLD
Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!
Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!
Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!
Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!
Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!
Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!
Randall Model #4-6-'F'-(Fighter)!!