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Stanaback Special 4
This "Stanaback Special" is my shorter blade length version. The 4 inch blade is forged from 1/4" stock. It, along with the Randall "Fireman", are the only 4" blades offered in this thick, sturdy stock. All other Randall knives with blade lengths under 4 1/2" are 3/16" or smaller stock. This means you are getting one beefy Randall knife!
Here is a list of specifications:

A) Stainless steel
B) Special forging (dealer special)
C) TB (top bevel sharpened)
D) BCP (Bowie clip point)
E) TN (thumb notches)
F) Nickel silver single hilt
G) Aluminum & black spacers
H) Elephant ivory (pre-ban) handle
I) Nickel silver butt plate
J) Special sheath (black basket-weave) with "Capt. Chris Stanaback" logo stamp

If I were to order this knife today it would take over 3 years to complete. That's how far out I am on my order slots for exotic (ivory, walrus, musk ox, etc.) handle material. You can have this one today!!
Please check out my "not-so-great" photos and see the quality of this knife, handle and all. If you need more photos or angles or whatever, drop me an email at or give me a call at 1-407-436-1113. Thanks for stoppin' by.
Stay sharp, Capt. Chris

$1095.00 SOLD
Stanaback Special 4
Stanaback Special 4
Stanaback Special 4
Stanaback Special 4