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Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
I collect Model #16's. My favorite blade grind is the STN. (Sawteeth with the teeth) This is an example of that. It gives the top edge a much longer sharp edge than the standard Divers knife...and I like it!
Like the #14 I sold a couple of hours ago, this Divers is handled in NASA brown canvas insulator. It also has thumb notches, a single nickel silver hilt, squared top old school style. a border patrol handle shape, wrist thong and, of course a waxed Model C sheath.
NASA blade and sheath laser etching have already been done and a COA is include. 1 of 10 made! Thanks for visiting my website folks. A really appreciate it.
Stay sharp, Capt. Chris

* Randall Model #16-7 inch
* The DIVERS Model!
* Hand forged stainless steel blade
* 440B used
* 7 inch blade length
* heavy-duty 1/4 inch blade stock
* Full, exposed tang construction!
* Top edge is sharp, much further back
* STN (sawteeth/ no sawteeth) blade grind
* Thumb notches
* Nickel silver single hilt
* Squared top, old school hilt
* NASA brown canvas insulator handle material used
* Border patrol handle shape
* Wrist thong
* Model C sheath, waxed!
* NASA 'WORM' logo laser etched on he blade
* NASA 'MEATBALL logo laser-etched on the sheath
* COA included (a $100 value)
* 1 of 10 made!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!
Randall Model #16-7/NASA !!