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Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain's Camper...Check it out!!
Howdy folks,
Welcome to my website and thanks for stoppin' by. I hope you take the time to visit all 3 web sections as there is something different in each and every one of them. If ya' don't mind...and ya' have the time, click on each item and view the extra photos available for your viewing pleasure. It is MY pleasure to show 'em to ya'll.
This item here is my very first Camp & Trail knife made up in the all new bone linen, which I supply to the Randall shop for each and every individual order. I have fallen in love with this material...and who wouldn't? It has the best properties of several handle materials from the past.
1st: It looks like the old Westinghouse IVORITE, which has long since been discontinued. The 'old yeller', as it was called, would turn color and yellow after a few years. This bone linen micarta already has that terrific 'aged' look!
2nd: 'Antique gold micarta' used to be available from the Randall shop but is no longer, as the supplier no longer offers it to the Randall company. AGM, being a true micarta, was a joy to work with. Except for an occasional small 'spec' in the material, antique gold micarta hold it's color true and finds itself proudly adorning many Randall knives. Both as a collectable and a 'user' micarta is hard to beat!
3rd: Real ivory. Check out the grain and longitudinal lines in this fine linen micarta. It has similarities to ivory without the down sides. No shrinking, cracking or bad checking with this new bone linen.
Please take a minute to view this material...up close and personal in the photos included here. Check out the variances in the coloring throughout. Check out the lamination while looking at the butt end of this knife. I hope you'll agree with me that this material is a 'score'! Orders are limited to 4 per customer. Let me know if you are interested. I call this knife: 'Captain's Camper'! I hope you like it. It is available in several configurations but this one ain't bad.
Thanks for havin' a look around. Please return.
All the best, Capt. Chris

Here's how Captain's Camper is rigged out:

* Randall Model #5-6 inch
* Camp & Trail model
* Hand forged stainless steel blade
* Also available in carbon steel
* 6 inch blade length (1/4 inch stock)
* Also available in other lengths
* Thumb notches
* Nickel silver single hilt
* Also available in brass
* Aluminum & black spacers
* Other spacer configurations also available
* All-new Bone Linen micarta handle
* Finger grips (right hand)
* Also available in lefty or other handle shapes
* Model C sheath (tan)
* Also available in black or waxed
* Model A sheath is doable as well
$685.00/ Special Order SOLD
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!
Captain Chris' Camper !!