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Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Non-catalog Model #4-6-F (for 'Fighter') brings us back to W.W.II and the original Zacharias Fighter. Although a more compact (6 inches) version, this bad boy is ready for anything! Check out the double (twins) sharp top edge and 'humpback' handle shape. This handle shape is the only one offered on the #4-6-'F'. It fits the hand perfectly and you'll love it...once you try it! Other options (listed below) help to enhance this #4's well as it's beauty! I hope you agree.
As always, thanks for lookin' around my website folks. I am leaving for Orlando, Fl. to attend the gun & knife show this weekend. I have a couple of more to post up, prior to heading out, and will try to list a couple of more next week.
Thanks again, Capt. Chris

* Randall Model #4-6-F
* The Model #4-6 inch, FIGHTER!
* Hand forged stainless steel blade (option #1)
* 6 inch blade length
* 1/4 inch blade stock
* Full tang construction
* A modified and improved Bowie-shaped blade!
* Reminiscent of the original Zacharias fighters of W.W. II fame
* Top edge is sharp...and further back too!
* Special top bevel shaping
* Brass double hilt
* Brass & black spacers (option #2)
* Leather handle
* Humpback handle and tang shape
* Only handle shape available on this knife!
* Brass butt cap (option #3)
* Thin brass butt cap to reduce weight (option #4)
* Rounded butt cap for comfort (option #5)
* Model A sheath, in tan leather
* A non-catalog Randall model!
* Lifetime warranty!
$525.00: Thanks Randy! It's SOLD
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)
Randall Model #4-6-'F' (Fighter)